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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Resolutions

So far my 2012 has been very relaxing. Yesterday I went to the spa with Peter, his mum, and sister. It was actually a very interesting experience. After spending a little bit in the jacuzzi pool, I went to the hot beds and just as I was falling asleep the fire alarm went off! So everyone in the spa (100+ people) were forced outside in the bitter English cold weather, wet and in bathing suits only covered by robes. Luckily there was a bar close so we all stuffed in there and were given free coffee and drinks. Apparently there actually was a fire and we had to wait for the fire brigade to come. After about 45 minutes of standing in damp robes, we were allowed to go back and relax again. They warned that there was still smoke in the building but we were still allowed to resume our naps. All in all, it was a lovely day and we got everything (including lunch) for free! If anyone lives near Reading in England I recommend it!
While I was relaxing for 5+ hours, I had plenty of time to formulate my new years resolutions. So here they are. Happy 2012!

1. Read at least one book every month: Most of my reading comes from textbooks, thanks to college. I feel like I never have time to read except for at nighttime just before bed and whenever I try that, I usually fall asleep within 15 minutes. I have some that I really want to read but I still need ideas of good books to add to the list so if anybody has suggestions, feel free to comment :) .
2. Be more organized: I usually keep a planner for about a month and then I lose it somehow and my life turns into an unorganized mess. This year is very important to me, so hopefully I can find an easier way to organize it.
3. Exercise 4-6 days each week: I am the worst when it comes to working out. I have a condition with my heart (nothing serious) that has prohibited me from working my body too hard. Usually when I get an episode, it makes me really mad and I just stop working out for months at a time. I hope that I can find someway to build up my heart and get it used to a consistent routine four-six days every week.
4. Eat healthier: Whole grains, vegetables, lean meats, fruits, nuts, and less amounts of dairy. I don't want to lose any weight but just be comfortable with my health and what goes in my body.
5. Cook more: I used to cook almost every night. And then senior year hit me and I was living on toast and bananas. I hope this semester, even though it's my last, will be less stressful and I can enjoy doing what I love!
6. Relax: I struggle with this. I hope this year brings less stresses and I am able to have more time to myself.


Nikskie said...

that's a good resolution list. i've never made resolution so far.but i'm inspired with your resolution no.1,3 and 6. wish you a blissful 2012 !!!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to live a little more... =P

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