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Friday, December 30, 2011


This morning I woke up with excruciating pain in my throat. The kind where it feels like shards of glass are having a party in my mouth everytime I feel the need to swallow. Which is about 9 times every minute. But who's counting?
I did a little research. After taking teaspoons of cough medicine that tastes like Jager and glue, spraying numbing spray down my throat, and gargling a whole pint of hot salt water..I really felt like crying.
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Then I noticed some lemon and ginger tea in the pantry. So I made a mouth-numbingly hot cup of that, let it steep for-ever and added some honey and a pinch of tumeric. Hello heaven!
Just thought I would share that for anyone going through the same thing I am. Chances are, if you live in England you probably are since everyone seems to be getting the same thing.


Sara Marie said...

Feel better sweetheart! A lot of people are getting ill now...I only hope they're not blog contagious! ;)


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Anonymous said...

I tried this by following your instructions. I scalded my mouth and throat twice. First time was from drinking the "mouth-numbing hot" tea and second time was from throwing it back up because I'm allergic to ginger.

Anonymous said...

Although it did kill the pain in my throat. So I guess thank you?

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