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Thursday, December 29, 2011

England so far..

I have seriously been neglecting my blog. I have so many things that I want to share from England but when you're on vacation, it's hard to find the time to even check your e-mail. Basically I've been eating a lot, drinking a lot [of tea], and traveling/shopping all day. I love it here. It's cold and feels like Christmas all the time. Yes, it rains a ton, but I am not much of a sun person anyway. The temperature has actually been pretty nice. It's cold enough to wear cute 'wintery' clothes but warm enough that you're not shivering to death and your face doesn't go numb. The past two times I've been here I've gotten really sick. Well, I've managed not to this time. Until today. Which is why I'm laying in bed posting this right now =D.
Here are a few pictures so far. Enjoy!

Buckingham Palace

Royal Crescent in Bath
X-mas breakfast!
Obsessed with this chandelier - Bath Abbey

Made yummy champagne cupcakes
Afternoon tea was delish!
Afternoon Tea in Romsey
Bath Abbey
Wild Horse in Beaulieu
Swans in Beaulieu
Christmas markets in Winchester
Tower Bridge
Poffertjes..We ate these in Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. They are amazing.
Beautiful architecture in Bath Abbey

My brother and his girlfriend came to England!

X-mas dinner
Wild horse in the New Forest
Pablo Picasso at the Tate Modern in London
Big Ben
Found my dream house in Bath
Call me weird, but I really love old cemetaries

Trying to act posh ;)
London Eye
More wild horses
Trying to find Platform 9 3/4 ..again
Barn converted into a house/office...lovely


Nikka said...

Deez piks r dope.

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