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Friday, August 19, 2011

A day in St. Augustine

The other day we went to visit my little brother who lives in St. Augustine. He loves to cook and is pretty good at it for a nineteen year old college student with no money. He gets all of his produce, cheeses and dairy from local markets, his bread from a local bakery, and all of his spices and teas from a spice shop. I love that he spends his money on good quality, organic food and chooses to cook himself meals rather than go out to eat every night or use the microwave for every meal.
He works at a really cool place called "The Hyppo", which sells gourmet popsicles! Sounds weird but they have some really unique and crazy flavors. I've tried the cilantro and pineapple(which is amazing) but my favorite at the moment is the coconut coconut.
After a popsicle orgasm, we went to my brothers pad and cooked up dinner (dessert before dinner? oh, yes)

 Sweet potatoes baked in coconut oil with cinnamon-sugar butter poured over top
Vegetable Curry with potatoes and carrots (drizzle some honey over top...MMMM)
Salmon with lemon and basil over dill rice
Even though the dishes seem a bit random together, the whole combination was perfect. We ate it with bread, cheeses, and honey (as usual), and red wine.

The next morning we went to a bagel shop down the road called "Schmagels". I had a blueberry bagel with honey-almond cream cheese. That hit the spot.
Sina and Peter at breakfast

I am thinking homemade bagels is next on the agenda!

Now off to Ikea for the crayfish party we bought tickets for the other day:) Hope everyone has a lovely day! 


MOM said...

My children are AMAZING!

Rachael said...

Ooooohh man. Now that DELICIOUS looking food is making me drool (and that's great photography to boot).
One of my sisters (the 8 year old) and I are on a coconut binge. Coconut coconut anything sounds great.

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