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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Uhhhhhh, No

So I got around to painting the barstools I was putting off. Well, sort of. I painted one. But that's all I will be painting in this color. It looks like a pink that you would put in a newborns room. Or Robin's egg blue, if it were a shade of pink. Or Pepto-Bismol(thanks Alex). Ew. Luckily, it was paint that I already had from painting this and this, so I didn't spend anything on it. But now I have to think of something to paint them in. I was thinking mustard yellow or a turquoise color. Decisions, decisions.

On a happier note, I went to Ikea yesterday. If you would like proof....
Yu-hum! I get those everytime I go to Ikea. Even if I've just eaten. Speaking of Ikea food, we bought tickets for the crayfish party at Ikea on Friday! I'm so freaking overly annoyingly excited!
Anyway, got lots of inspiration for my apartment from Ikea. Here are some of the things I really like..(click on the pictures for links to the products).
That table with those chairs on top of that rug. Mmmmmm yes please!


Anonymous said...

I hear Pepto Bismol pink is the in color these days for bar stools. Speaking of Pepto, I had to chug a bottle after reading this post to keep my lunch from coming out both ends.

Sara Jahan said...

Lol thanks Alex!

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