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Monday, February 6, 2012

Healthy eating..

The other week was my friend John's birthday. His actual name is Gianmarco but John sounds so much cooler and its quicker to type so we'll just refer to him as that. In celebration of his birthday, we made him cook us pizza! I baked a cake which was an absolute disaster but it tasted pretty good. 

View from their condo - The most beautiful beach in the world ;)

Me and Tobes taking cool pictures of ourselves

Alex doing what he does best........absolutely nothing.

Orange-vanilla cream cheese filling for my cake

Homemade pizza sauce


Greasy goodness

Prosciutto and favorite!

The star of the night. It didn't exactly come out of the pan smoothly. 

Happy Birthday John!


Anonymous said...

I think he should go by Gianmarco instead of John. I like that better because it sounds a whole lot sexier. What a good looking guy he is.

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