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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pregnancy Blog: 24 Weeks

How far along? 24 weeks
Total weight gain/measurements: 15 pounds! Seems like a lot, considering I still feel like I weigh the same as before I became pregnant. My pre-pregnancy jeans think otherwise:-/

Maternity clothes: Yes! I officially do not fit into any of my old jeans or shorts. Good thing maternity clothes make me feel amazing.

Stretch marks: None! And still using Palmer's Cocoa Butter Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks everyday around my belly, sides, and breasts.

Sleep: I've been getting really good sleep recently, thanks to my Snoozer pregnancy pillow. It really is the best. Sometimes I will wake up in the middle of the night only to realize that Simeon has taken it away from me and is cuddling it! I caught this picture today while he was taking a nap, ha!

Best moment this week: Finally finding a name that we can both agree on! I love it so much. But it will be a secret until January ;)

Miss anything? Smoked salmon. And wine, still. Tonight I am making Beef Bourgignon, so hopefully that will curb my red wine cravings ;)

Movement: Yep, she's still moving around like crazy! And the occasional hiccups make me so happy:)

Food cravings: Peach cobbler, making that tonight actually!

Anything making you queasy or sick? Not queasy, but I still feel so incredibly light-headed and out of breath a lot. Only complaint I can make so far!

Gender: Girl!

Labour signs: None. Phew.
Symptoms: Shortness of breath, sore crotch area (sorry for the visual), and starting to feel a little more fatigued.

Belly button in or out? In!
Engagement ring on or off? On:)

Happy or moody most of the time: Very happy!

Looking forward to: Going to Miami this weekend to see Simeon's family. They are the nicest people on earth. Also, his best friend just had a baby so we are going to visit him as well, I can't wait!




Francis said...

Can't wait to hear the name. We still don't have one. :/ lol.

Peach cobbler sounds really good right now. I'm starving and waiting for H to get home so we can go out to eat.

Denise Lopatka said...

Congrats on your sweet baby girl to come! Your blog is adorable and I'm so glad I found it.


brittany said...

aw you look great!! i hope you're enjoying it! i loved being pregnant so much. and finding a name you agree on is so the best :)

Niken said...

If you didn't emphasize it I wouldn't believe that your jeans don't fit, because you don't look like gain some weight. I wish that happen to me too when I'm pregnant.

Oh...I can't wait to hear the name!

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