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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Year, new habits

Today is the second day of my last semester of college (yay!). It's also the start of getting more fit and healthy and it is also the start of a competition I have going with one of my friends to lose [winter] weight and get toned! I fortunately didn't gain any weight while I was on vacation in England for a month. None. Zero. I actually even lost a pound. That's right. A whole month of eating meat, potatoes, cheeses, fish & chips, alcohol, pastries, cakes, chocolate and I lost a pound. How is this possible?! I did do a lot of walking and traveling but I am pretty sure that the Cornish pasties cancelled that out.
So even though I actually lost a pound on my vacation, I don't feel healthy at all. It's time to get healthy again! 
My and my friend, Josefine, have started a competition. Basically whoever loses the most percentage of their weight each week wins and the other person has to cook dinner for that week. I know that sounds a little bit intense but we're only aiming to lose 1-2 pounds every week. We won't be starving ourselves! I, personally, am going to cut down on carbs but not cut them out completely or else I will lose weight too fast and won't be able to stick with it. I am going to drink an 8oz glass of vegetable juice every morning and cut out all sweets! I already eat all whole grains so that won't be hard but I am going to eat a lot more fruit and a lot less cheese. I have switched to greek yogurt instead of regular because it has about 3 times the amount of protein. I also am going to start cooking a lot more fish because its lean, has a lot of vitamins, and tastes so.......o good! I also bought a belly dancing DVD so I'm mostly excited about that(ha!).

Here is my plan: 
My goal is to lose 10 pounds. No more, no less. In the process I will obviously gain a little bit of weight because I will also be working out 6 days a week (or at least that's what I'm telling myself!). Hopefully at the end I'll be able to share my progess. I'm not going to say how much I weigh just yet but I will say that I am 5'6" and my BMI is 21.6. You do the math ;)

Just to give you a little preview of how my diet is going, here's what I had for dinner last night...

That's dedication, people!

I got on the scale when I got home from dinner and had gained FOUR POUNDS! How do I shove four pounds of food in my mouth in less than two hours?! Well, this morning I woke up and I was 0.4 pounds less than what I was in the previous morning. Which means that I lost 4.4 pounds overnight. Now, THAT is dedication, people!

Is anyone else dieting for the new year?Any other creative ways of going about it?


Anonymous said...

Wanna lose those 4 pounds? Take a massive one.

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