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Thursday, October 27, 2011

YHL's Pinterest Challenge...Bring it.

This week has been so extremely exhausting. My body became accustomed to relaxation since I went on vacation last weekend (pictures coming soon). I feel like all of my classes have gone into work overload mode and my body just cannot adjust or keep up. I slept in for my 8:15 class this morning, which is so unlike me since I am usually a morning person and never skip class. Dear weekend, please hurry!
Anyway, I was happy to see Young House Love's Pinterest Challenge (especially because I missed the last one) on my blog feed the other morning and was especially excited when I found out that I only have to work one day this weekend. To me, that's like a second mini-vacation! Especially because this weekend will be filled with lots of Halloween festivities. And extra especially because now I can participate in the Pinterest Challenge. (Sorry for my excessive use of the word "especially"). So for those of you who don't know, it is basically a challenge to create or "DIY" something that you've pinned on Pinterest. And let's be honest, I would never have the motivation to make any of the things that I pin unless there was some type of challenge.
Here are some things I've pinned that seem do-able:
Polaroid Coasters

These would make really cute gifts

Map hearts

Obsessed with this bracelet

For my Mom

Obsessed with these too

I can imagine making tons of these, the smell that would fill my tiny apartment!

I have this Ikea table. This would be so easy!

Love this
If you want to find links to any of these, you can find them on my pinterest here under "DIY". Can't wait to see what everyone else makes!


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