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Thursday, July 28, 2011


I go through phases. Sometimes I'm obsessed with craft projects, decorating my itty bitty apartment, sometimes with fashion, but lots of the time with food. I will literally eat anything that you put in front of me (besides yellow mustard, YUCK). Here are some of my food adventures within the past week or so. 
 {This was from a little deli in NYC. One had brie and ham and the other had sundried tomatoes, grilled chicken, and some amazing sauce I wish I knew}
 {This was a roast beef sandwich from a little cafe. It was divine. It came with a chipotle mayo. Maybe not the healthiest but so worth the calories}
 {There were a ton of these open buffets in NYC with the yummiest choices!}
 {Trying to eat healthier...yummy fruit parfaits}
 {We got a little bit drunk tipsy at the Empire State Building. This totally filled the gap}

 {Fresh food selections at a store in the Chelsea Market}

 {Me and Caro split these sandwiches. The first one was turkey and mozzerella with sundried tomato pesto on garlic ciabatta bread. The second one was swiss and ham. Kind of boring, I know, but the brioche bread was DELISH}

{Cupcakes from Eleni's}
{I know that New York is famous for their bagels but HOLY HEAVEN! Yummiest cinnamon bagel I've ever had} 
 {"The Indiaatlantic". Spiced fish with sweet onion chutney and curried sweet potatoes. A-m-a-z-i-n-g}
{Banh Mi Sandwich with picked veggies. Oh so yummy!}
{This is what I had for breakfast. Smoked salmon & cream cheese bagel. With a bit too many onions}

I hope this post made you as hungry as its already made me. Isn't hunger such a beautiful feeling? Especially when you know that you just went grocery shopping and the fridge is stocked?! Off to the kitchen!


Anonymous said...

Damn your good culinary taste!

I'm impressed with your food photography skills as well. Or is that all the fancy camera? =P

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