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Thursday, June 23, 2011

No-sew hemmed shorts

I really like how clothes from the 80s are so in right now! I'm really loving the high waisted shorts at the moment, so the other day I took a trip to the thrift store. Usually, I don't like buying thrifted clothes just because I normally don't find anything that great and if I do, it almost always never fits right, or has a huge stain on it. But the other day I hit the jackpot! I found these cute shorts from French Connection and a pair of high-rise khaki colored jeans from Calvin Klein. I spent a total of $8 for the two. Not bad, eh? ;)

Obviously it's summer time, so I wanted to give the jeans a makeover. I know this is nothing special or new, but I will show you how I made the shorts.
Make sure you cut the shorts long enough so that you can fold it up twice. I cut about 4-5 inches from the crotch.
Give those babies a couple rolls and then that's it! You have a new pair of shorts (well, sort of). 
Eventually I'll get around to sewing them but for now I don't have a sewing machine and am too lazy don't have the time to drive to my Mom's house to use hers =).


Anonymous said...

those are awesome. something simple I know. I wish I could pull that look off. I'm a capri kind of girl.

Anonymous said...

Good God your ass looks amazing!

Anonymous #2 said...

I 2nd Anonymous's comment.

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