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Saturday, May 28, 2011

DIY:The easiest scarf you'll ever make!

I bought a cute skirt the other day on sale and needed a fun scarf to complete my outfit. So i got out some old tees and made this!
Here's how:
Take an old T-shirt or men's shirt (I got this from my Step-Dad, who seriously wears the craziest shirts!).
All I did was cut out a strip horizontally across the shirt, making sure that the button was in the middle of the width I cut. I cut out a few pieces and created this layered look..
But for now I will wear it like this (wrapped around my neck twice like an infinity scarf)...

So simple but it makes my outfit a lot less boring. 
You can also make it out of plain T's you have laying around..
I cut it into three strips and then stretched the fabric so that you couldn't see my very messy cut.
And TA-DA! These scarfs took me less than 5 minutes to make and required no sewing at all! Just some old shirts and sharp scissors:)


Pete_Francis said...

You are really creative and inventive with your ideas, i love reading your blog. Your also extremely beautiful. Check out my blog some time, i think you might like it :-)ph

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